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Idaho Conservationists Challenge EPA Discharge Permit for Boise

May 3, 2012 | AP

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BOISE, Idaho — An environmental group’s challenge to Boise’s new wastewater discharge permits is complicating a pollution-trading proposal that federal regulators and Idaho leaders hope will eventually help other U.S. cities manage sewage and reduce farming’s impact on water quality.

Idaho Rivers United wants the Environmental Protection Agency to require Boise to meet year-round limits on phosphorous discharges, not just between May and September.

But Boise officials to complain that could make the city’s planned $6 million investment in a downstream treatment plant to treat agricultural runoff more challenging.

Idaho Rivers United said Thursday it’s hoping to work with the EPA to put suitable limits on phosphorous discharges, while not interfering with Boise’s pollution-trading aspirations.

Currently, Boise pumps 1,100 pounds of phosphorous daily into the Boise River, under an EPA permit without limits.

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