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Podcast: Fishy Features, Oregon Energy Plans And More

June 7, 2012 | EarthFix

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We’ve got some fishy features for you this week. Hear about hatchery science: breeding a better fish. And get the latest from the recovering Elwha River. We’ve also got quick hit news headlines from around the region including stories about Oregon’s new energy plan, a rash in sea lion shootings, DIY herbicide testing and more.

EarthFix Podcast June 4-8 by EarthFix

Podcast Extras

Oregon’s Draft Ten-Year Energy Action Plan .

Our recent coverage of the Triangle Lake story where researchers have found exposure to herbicides used in forestry.

Aaron Kunz’s web story NW Tribes Working To Develop Better Hatchery Fish which include photos, a map and more.

A video tour showing what scientists are learning about the changing landscape and ecosystems of the Elwha River:

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